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Towards a genuine national dialogue

Statement by ZUNDE, 14 February 2019

In recent times, there has been much talk of a “national dialogue”. Indeed, this is the precise term that President Mnangagwa used when he called the February 6 meeting with political parties that was held at State House.

Nelson Chamisa has been dancing around this idea, on the one hand still refusing to accept the legitimacy of Zimbabwe’s de facto President and, on the other hand, setting conditions on his participation.

It seems inevitable that President Mnangagwa and ZANU PF will have to negotiate with Nelson Chamisa and the MDC. Both are working towards this outcome – Mnangagwa to buy much needed time and Chamisa to obtain a share of power.

Justice Benjamin ParadzaZUNDE believes that genuine national dialogue is too important to leave to politicians alone and should be broadened to include community leaders and other stakeholders from civil society.

Zimbabwe should not look to outsiders to solve its problems. Lasting solutions can only come from Zimbabweans. International intervention is unnecessary and generally ineffective. Read more...






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